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Why Law Firms and ADR providers should consider chatbots

How beneficial are chatbots in transforming the way Law Firms and ADR providers handle their customers? We find out.

What do you need to consider before implementing a Q&A chatbot?

We examine the important factors to consider before implementing AI and automation such as a Q&A chatbot.

How do you choose a conversational interface provider?

How do you choose a conversational interface provider and what features should you look out for? Our COO Jason Wheatley has some advice.

‘People, Process, Technology’. Is it still valid?

COO and Client Director of Transformation, Jason Wheatley, discusses the relationship between People, Processes and Technology and how it works at Wyser.

Virtual offices… better or worse than traditional bricks and mortar?

Jason Wheatley, COO and Client Director of Transformation examines our virtual office software, Gather, and how it has shaped the way we work.

Winning the trust of key stakeholders is critical to success during digital transformation programmes

Director of Project Delivery, Donna Forsdyke examines trust and the impact that it can have on process change, as well as how we work to ensure success on our projects.

Beauty and the Beast – building trust in artificial intelligence

Gradually building trust in AI is essential to its adoption. Never rush its implementation, always bring your users on the AI journey with you so that they see the beauty it can deliver and not the beast!

Pronouns - What are they and why do they matter?

Halifax Building Society made the news last week by deciding that staff can choose the pronouns they want to be known by. It generated a lot of debate. Why? And what does that mean for a company like ours?

RPA and how can it help law firms and alternative dispute Resolution providers?

CEO and Client Director Mark Pearce explores automation and robotic process automation and the impact it could have on the law sector.
Wyser view

Just look at that view!

Director of Agile and Project Delivery, Donna Forsdyke, discusses how she adapted to working from home during the pandemic and how Wyser embraced the change.