Experience effortless data integration with Wyser ASSIST, our solution for spoken and textual content summarisation and data extraction, powered by AI

Increase capacity by up to 25%

Using generative AI, Wyser ASSIST will efficiently process both spoken word and text, rapidly summarising content and extracting key data.

Wyser ASSIST can help you make process improvements, save time, and reallocate resources where they’re needed the most. The result is a more content workforce and an instant boost to productivity.

Why businesses are choosing Wyser ASSIST

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Wyser ASSIST has been designed to boost efficiency. By automating tedious data processing, employees are available to focus on high-value tasks, leading to a happier, more productive team.

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Wyser ASSIST will reliably and quickly summarise complex information in a range of scenarios. The result is reliable information for strategic decision making and regulatory compliance.

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Wyser ASSIST is capable of populating existing systems, such as case management or CRM systems, directly. It also offers a human-in-the-loop review process, ensuring human oversight in your data processing workflow.

AI that integrates with your existing systems

Wyser ASSIST is capable of integrating with IT systems such as your CRM or your case management system. It can populate these systems directly with the information it has extracted, delivering a smooth data flow and a simplified user experience. Importantly however, Wyser ASSIST also allows for a 'human-in-the-loop' review, ensuring human oversight in the data processing workflow. This measure ensures the accuracy and relevance of the extracted information. It is an excellent example of how human expertise can be combined with the efficiency of AI to deliver the best possible results using audio transcribing software.

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Delivering insights alongside efficiencies

By summarising complex information and extracting key data, Wyser ASSIST not only offers a highly effective administrative support tool, it also provides unique insights into your business operations. This information will empower your teams to make more confident, data-driven decisions. Whether applied to customer interactions, market research, or internal processes, Wyser ASSIST quickly delivers reliable information that will inform decision-making at all levels.

Continuous learning and adaptability mean that Wyser ASSIST can learn from past interactions, improving its capabilities over time. It can adapt to diverse language nuances and subject matter, making it a dynamic and evolving solution for businesses and professionals dealing with varied content.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of using generative AI to support transcribing and summarising content?

Investing in new technology doesn’t need to feel like a risk. Our team is available to talk you through what the process entails; from scalability and integration to managing user buy-in and even what an ROI could look like.

When you choose Wyser ASSIST, you’re not just investing in an administrative support tool or AI transcription services, you’re partnering with a team of leading digital transformation experts who will work with you to understand your underlying goals and support your organisation to maximise this transformative technology.

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Wyser ASSIST works alongside:

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Wyser INSIGHT learns from your customer data, guaranteeing consistent case categorisation.  
With Wyser INSIGHT, you can optimise your workflow, reduce manual errors, and elevate the accuracy of your reporting processes.

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Wyser INFORM is our cutting-edge, AI-driven, next generation chatbot. 

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Wyser AI

We take a people-centred approach throughout our AI consulting process, taking the time to understand your business, your stakeholders and your culture.

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