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Working with Wyser

Partnerships we're proud of

We are a team of expert consultants and developers who support organisations with digital transformation, customer journey improvement, the implementation of artificial intelligence and automation. To date, we have worked with a diverse range of businesses across many sectors; adding value and achieving outstanding results. Our case studies detail some of our key projects and the improvements that we made.



We were asked to automate the distribution of dispute cases, make the customer journey more efficient and enable Acas to refocus a proportion of their human resources onto the backlog of cases at the employment tribunal.

The Motor Ombudsman

Legislation changes meant the possibility of a higher volume of calls; here we conducted a discovery project to determine the benefits of a fully automated customer onboarding service enabled by artificial intelligence.
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Housing Association

This housing association inherited many processes and numerous legacy systems as well as an inconsistent data strategy. We helped them to develop one way of working, a single technology platform, and a robust data strategy.
Wyser approach and accountability

Credit Rating Agency

We were asked to research, define, develop, and deliver a platform that enables affordability assessment using consumer consented data that is made accessible via the Open Banking framework.
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Business Snapshot: The ALLIANCE

The Health & Social Care Alliance Scotland (The ALLIANCE) is the national third sector intermediary for health and social care in Scotland. Wyser provided The ALLIANCE with a Business Snapshot consultation.

Acas part II

We were asked to provide data and technology solutions which would offer efficiencies through better agent allocation, considering capabilities, availability and capacity. Part of these improvements included the review and subsequent re-platforming of the associated data and systems.