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Helping you transform your business from disconnected to connected, improving efficiency and experience for everyone.

Our approach

Detailed business analysis helps us to understand where you are now. This will involve interrogating all the complexities of your business, as well as the technology used, existing resource limitations, stakeholder requirements, and desired outcomes.

We then work to identify new levels of user experience and efficiency which could be achieved to create improvements. Part of this will involve analysing your business requirements and your user needs and seeking to align them with the identified improvements.

Establishing a road map to enable business transformation is key to our approach. Here we’ll work with your team to identify steps towards improved customer journey and user experience, always considering your organisation’s specific regulatory requirements.

Customer Journey Optimisation Wyser

A Wyser way to implement customer journey optimisation

The costs of delivering high levels of customer service are increasing rapidly. This is partly because customers demand more efficiency and sophistication in the way their enquiries, claims and disputes are handled. Our team of experts will support you to deliver the sort of service consistency that will fully optimise your customer journey and experience.

We will carefully and conscientiously deploy technology in the right way and at the right pace for your business. Part of this means ensuring that your stakeholders fully understand and support any business transformation. As a result, you will experience greater business agility, reduced cost and increased overall efficiency, improving the value you can deliver to your customers.

A safe pair of hands to support transformation in your organisation

We understand that it can feel as if there is a certain level of risk associated with any intelligent automation transformation project, particularly if you operate in a highly regulated environment. It’s important, however, to assess the cost of not making improvements. As user demands increase or become more sophisticated, for example, there is a risk of bottlenecks. 

With effective customer journey optimisation, you can completely transform your business operations and work to minimise the risk surrounding them. When conducted effectively, customer journey optimisation and efficient service design will completely transform your business operations and deliver a significant amount of value.

Our approach to customer journey improvements

Not setting the right goals, focusing on the wrong data, or putting processes before people are all common mistakes that can have a negative impact on your efforts to improve your customers' journey.  

User centred design or UCD is at the core of our approach to customer journey optimisation. This means we focus on user needs and balance our findings with technical and/or business requirements. We combine the tools used in UCD with effective data mining, clear goal setting and robust data analysis to ensure that we take a holistic approach to improving your customers’ journey.

Customer Journey Optimisation Wyser

Additional Wyser Services

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Artificial intelligence

Our goal when training our models is that we deliver reliable, trustworthy outcomes for our clients. Typically our approach involves fine-tuning on sector-specific data. This is the Wyser difference.

The result is that we can then deliver a more accurate, trustworthy and cost effective result to a specific challenge or set of challenges faced.

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Data Science

Our data scientists offer in-depth knowledge across statistical programming languages, machine learning and all aspects of data management.

We are defined by our people and we are extremely proud of the team and culture that we have built. We have won a number of Innovate UK grants, enabling us to support critical work on areas such as bias detection and mitigation.

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Digital Transformation

We are experts in digital transformation. Our approach involves the thoughtful and conscientious deployment of technology tailored to the specific pace of your organisation or sector as well as your culture.

Our goal is to enhance your overall efficiency, foster increased business agility, and elevate the value you provide to your customers.

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