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Supporting the Justice sector make best use of digital transformation and the most relevant advancements in AI.

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We believe that Access to Justice is a fundamental contributing factor to a fair and just society. In the current climate, with increasing demand for their services and budget pressures, organisations operating in this space face the ongoing challenge of delivering their services efficiently and within reasonable time frames. For us, data science and intelligent AI offers a solution to these challenges.

  • Deliver a streamlined triage experience and accurately prioritise queries 
  • Enhance customer experience via immediate intelligent chatbot responses
  • Improve efficiency across your internal and external platforms
  • Increase you staff capacity to add value and help reduce backlogs

Improve Access to Justice with Wyser AI

Our AI products and consultancy services are designed to play a key part in helping the Justice sector deliver services. Based predominantly on Natural Language Processing, our AI tools can help build the necessary connections between the various stages in your process, improving efficiency, accuracy and quality of service.

Next generation chatbots

Wyser’s next generation chatbot, Wyser INFORM, uses domain specific conversational AI to create a tailored experience for your service uses. Essentially, this means we’re training your chatbot in the same way you’d train a new employee – with information specific to your customers and your market.

Chatbot functionality can play a significant role in the improvement of early stage enquiries, improving the overall Access to Justice experience. Wyser INFORM can be implemented on both your internal and external communications platforms, whatever best suits your service needs.

Immediate responses through intelligent chatbots like Wyser INFORM result in a speedier turnaround of query to assignment and then ultimately to resolution, resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction.

AI for Sectors

Reducing the administrative burden and improving data quality

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Wyser ASSIST is one of our AI models deployed for administrative support, used to transcribe and summarise voice, video or text-based information from calls, meetings and emails. Wyser ASSIST can recognise multiple speakers and subsequent backlog in the courts service.

Wyser INSIGHT is trained and deployed in line with the specific categorisation needs of the service areas involved. When required, Wyser INSIGHT can help with triage and ensure information and cases are routed and prioritised accordingly. This process provides clean, categorised data which can also be populated in a single database.

Not only can your organisation or department achieve improved data quality by automatically categorising cases for reporting purposes, it can enhance overall customer experience.

Wyser consultancy solutions for a digital Government

We have a deep understanding of the complexity of digital transformation in the public sector. Factors such as legacy systems, the varied, conflicting needs of multiple stakeholders, and the importance of democratic accountability are some examples of key considerations when supporting government bodies through change. There’s also a need for extensive knowledge sharing and training to enable the organisation to take full ownership of processes after implementation.

Wyser offers a range of products and consultancy services that support the UK Government in providing Access to Justice to all UK Citizens. Specific departments supported include; the Ministry of Justice HQ, The Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS), HM Prison and Probation Service and various legal aid departments and Arm’s Length Bodies. Our focus is on improving productivity and increasing capacity to help those departments and ancillary organisations reduce backlogs, enhance data quality and provide more services to more people.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of Digital Transformation and AI solutions for the Justice sector?

When you choose Wyser solutions for AI, you’re not just investing in a new technology, you’re partnering with a team of leading digital transformation experts who will work with you to understand your underlying goals and support your organisation to maximise this transformative technology.

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