The power of celebrating success

We recently all took a day out to do some fun stuff together for a Wyser celebration event.

Who’d have thought a bunch of adults would enjoy crazy golf anywhere near as much as we did? Plus, we found some hidden skills/talents amongst the team, rounders and pool to name a few.

I learned a new skill when Neil Moffat taught me to play Mancala, supposedly the oldest game in the world, I’d never heard of it but it was such fun.

And we met people in person who we’d only ever met over video before.

The point is, an event like this is good for the cohesion of the team, we talked about things that would never have come up in a normal working day and learned things about each other.

I’m sure, if you could put a value on these things, the benefits would far outweigh the money/time investment.

We all made new friendships and strengthened our communication.

Collaboration was polished, I wasn’t losing at rounders.

Our commitment to the company and its culture skyrocketed and morale was sky-high.

We felt appreciated and important; who doesn’t want to feel that way at work?

We definitely ended the day with some lovely memories and are confident, that when the time is right, we will do it again. I, for one, cannot wait to spend time with my fabulous colleagues again, although I may need to get some practice in on the pool table.

If you would like to know more about what we do at Wyser or working for us, then please feel free to contact us!