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Working closely with you at every stage, we'll achieve a transformation which delivers the maximum value for your business.

Our services have delivered x9 ROI for our clients

Our consultancy services are designed to transform your organisation, helping you to implement improvements all while taking into account the ecosystem of your teams. Experts in change management, we will work closely with you at every stage, achieving a transformation which delivers the maximum value for your business, a better service for users and an improved working environment for your people.

Digital transformation

We’ll take the time to understand everything about you and your organisation - your people, your culture and your existing technology, so that we can fully identify the best possible outcomes for everyone.

Collaborating with you to evolve your organisation at the right pace, we help you to achieve an agile transformation. Our approach ensures we create realistic expectations, and align across people, process and technology, thus ensuring adoption and ROI success.

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Process optimisation and automation

Our structured approach to customer journey and process optimisation can help you and your organisation improve efficiency and improve user and team experience.

We will help you to achieve a more effective, efficient and consistent service level for your users, improving capacity and stabilising ever-increasing costs. Our team of experts will guide you through the processes ensuring stakeholder buy-in at every level.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Taking a people-centric approach to AI development is an important part of our process. Our ethos is to use AI to support people rather than replace them, and this approach empowers the organisations we work with to do incredible things.

We understand the legitimate concerns with regards to how it may be used to the detriment of society. As well as our work on bias in AI, we work to address these concerns, mitigating potential risks.

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Data science

Our data scientists bring in-depth knowledge across statistical programming languages, machine learning and database management to all of our products and consultancy services.

We are defined by our people and we are extremely proud of the team and culture that we have built. We have won a number of Innovate UK grants, enabling us to support critical work in areas such as bias detection and mitigation.

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Why choose Wyser for organisational change?

We aim to make a difference in everything we do, whether that’s providing products that create meaningful change in businesses, or delivering world-class consultancy services.

We take a user centred approach to all our activity, placing your teams and their needs first. This leads to better adoption and means that any change is fully embedded in your organisation.

We act with courage. Never taking the easier route, we work to find solutions to the barriers you face and we’re never afraid to challenge the status quo. If we sound like the right people to manage your organisational change, get in touch with our team today.

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Our services, combined with our unique approach, delivers up to 9x ROI for our customers

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