Data science

Our data scientists offer in-depth knowledge across statistical programming languages, AI machine learning and all aspects of data management.

The Wyser Data Science Team

We are defined by our people and we are extremely proud of the team and culture that we have built. Our team has strong leadership skills, are excellent communicators and are committed to continuous improvement.

Our approach 

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Our data scientists use data analytics to collect, analyse and interpret data to identify trends and patterns. Data analytics tools and visualisation techniques help with this process, and with our share back to clients.

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Statistical and AI machine learning techniques are then used to identify patterns, trends, and relationships which are then used to develop products and services that solve real-world problems.

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We use CRISP-DM data science methodology for project management, a systematic approach, built on the industry's best practices to structure and control data projects.

Leading the way in bias detection

We are proud to have been awarded an Innovate UK grant from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). This is to research the topic of bias in AI, specifically Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) models and their accuracy across a broad range of accents and dialects. 

This research will be used to help the public sector and other service organisations understand the extent of the problem as well as explore potential solutions to help them provide the best possible support to citizens living throughout the UK.

Digital Transformation Planning

Wyser data science in practice

Experts in customer segmentation

We have used bespoke models to categorise customer problems and the advice they were given through analysing conversation recordings. Not only has this saved organisations hours of resources, but it allowed for deeper insights into company business. A great example of this was being able to track the change in customer problems over time.

Fine-tuned model development

Fine-tuning is a technique for adapting a pre-trained machine learning model to new data or tasks. Rather than training a model from scratch, fine-tuning allows you to start with an existing model and specialise it for your needs. This approach can be much more efficient and accurate than training a model from scratch. For more details on how we approach model development, visit our section on AI Consultancy.

How can data science help my business?

Our data scientists will gather insights that can play a vital part in solving the real-world problems that you face in your organisation. This might include challenges faced when developing new products and services, or questions around improving operational efficiency and making better decisions. Essentially, they're the experts that make Artificial Intelligence happen.

Wyser data scientists will do this using scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data. Our data scientists will collect, clean, and prepare data for analysis, and then use a variety of statistical and machine learning techniques to identify patterns, trends, and relationships.

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Data Science experts are the drivers behind all of our products and services

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Using generative AI, Wyser ASSIST will efficiently process both spoken word and text, rapidly summarising content and extracting key data.

Wyser ASSIST can be implemented quickly to improve data processing, allowing personnel to focus on more value-added services.

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Wyser INSIGHT learns from your customer data, guaranteeing consistent case categorisation.

With Wyser INSIGHT, you can optimise your workflow, reduce manual errors, and elevate the accuracy of your reporting processes.

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Wyser INFORM is our cutting-edge, AI-driven, next generation chatbot.

Created to empower service users, it is capable of providing natural language, personalised assistance, streamlining operations, and enhancing customer engagement.

And this is how we’ve helped solve real world problems



We were asked to automate the distribution of dispute cases, make the customer journey more efficient and enable Acas to refocus a proportion of their human resources onto the backlog of cases at the employment tribunal.

The Motor Ombudsman

Legislation changes meant the possibility of a higher volume of calls; here we conducted a discovery project to determine the benefits of a fully automated customer onboarding service enabled by artificial intelligence.
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Housing Association

This housing association inherited many processes and numerous legacy systems as well as an inconsistent data strategy. We helped them to develop one way of working, a single technology platform, and a robust data strategy.
Wyser approach and accountability

Credit Rating Agency

We were asked to research, define, develop, and deliver a platform that enables affordability assessment using consumer consented data that is made accessible via the Open Banking framework.
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Business Snapshot: The ALLIANCE

The Health & Social Care Alliance Scotland (The ALLIANCE) is the national third sector intermediary for health and social care in Scotland. Wyser provided The ALLIANCE with a Business Snapshot consultation.

Acas part II

We were asked to provide data and technology solutions which would offer efficiencies through better agent allocation, considering capabilities, availability and capacity. Part of these improvements included the review and subsequent re-platforming of the associated data and systems.

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