Supplier Code of Conduct

Version: 1.0
Date: 02 February 2022
Review Date: 01 February 2023


Wyser believes in strong relationships built on aligned values. This is reflected in this Supplier Code of Conduct; together we can not only create better outcomes for our mutual clients but also the wider economy and ensure alignment towards Social Value.

We believe in working in a way founded on:

  • Trust
  • Open and honest communication
  • Fairness
  • Transparency

Wyser itself will:

  • Comply with all applicable legislation and regulatory requirements and we expect our suppliers to do so too
  • Treat employees with respect, equality, fairness, and integrity
  • Behave in an ethically responsible manner
  • Create environments that are safe for our employees and supply chain

Mutual Expectations

We treat our clients in the way described above and we expect our suppliers to do the same with us.

Where Wyser is in breach of any aspect of this Charter we will notify suppliers within agreed (or legislative timescales), and we expect our suppliers to do the same should they be in breach.

Key Aspects

Area of Business

Wyser and Supplier Commitment

Information Security

Being within the technology sector, compliance with regulatory matters regarding data processing and data controller requirements are fundamental to what we do

  • Comply with all applicable information security laws and aim to create a compliant infrastructure
  • To conduct risk assessments on Information Security on a regular basis
  • Ensure all staff have appropriate levels of vetting procedures carried out in relation to the role they are performing, prior to commencement
  • Train staff on information security
  • Ensure any breaches to GDPR are notified within regulatory timelines
  • Make appropriate use of confidential information and ensure that all intellectual property rights are respected

Health and Safety

Wyser are committed to the health, safety and welfare of our staff and those of our supply chain.

  • Comply with all applicable health and safety laws and aim to create a safe working environment
  • To conduct risk assessments on Health & Safety on a regular basis
  • To train staff on core hazards to ensure their health, safety, and wellbeing. For example, manual handling, driving whilst at work, desk, and chair assessments, etc
  • Ensure all operations, procedures, services, and products promote the protection of the health and safety of employees, suppliers, customers, subcontractors

Impact on Environment

Wyser are committed to minimising the impact their operations have on the environment.

  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and aim to create a better environment
  • To make ethical purchasing decisions when procuring goods and services
  • To promote home working to reduce travel and mitigate impact on carbon footprint
  • Encourage the use of technology to maintain and build effective teams and communications whilst working remotely
  • Use resources efficiently, reduce waste and continually minimise environmental impacts on air, water, and soil

Treating People Fairly and with Dignity

Wyser believe that diversity brings a wealth of experience, ideas, approaches, mindsets and more to the way we approach our business, challenges, and opportunities. This enables improved thinking, solution development, and outcomes.

  • Comply with all applicable employment and related laws and aim to create a positive workplace culture
  • Develop a culture of equality, diversity, and inclusion
  • Engender a zero tolerance approach to those that do not uphold acceptance of equality, diversity and inclusion or display negative behaviours of discrimination or harassment
  • Encourage a culture of digital inclusion, skills development, continuous professional development and supporting apprenticeships.
  • Support the Government Social Value Act 2012 through our operations, strategies, and values
  • Treat employees with respect and honesty, comply with all applicable laws and regulations and conduct their business in an ethical manner
  • Suppliers shall comply with social and other standards. For example: minimum wages, fair working hours and freedom of association and collective bargaining

Business Management

Wyser’s values are founded on an ethical way to behave in all aspects of our business.

  • Comply with all applicable bribery, corruption, and fraud legislation
  • Ensure all staff are trained on the pertinent legislation
  • Adhere to Government payment codes for prompt payment to SMES and micro businesses
  • Work in a responsible way to tackle broader socio-economic issues and support the Government Social Value Act 2012 through our operations, strategies, and values
  • Uphold our Modern Slavery Policy, support the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, will not be complicit in human rights abuses, shall not engage in any kind of compulsory or child labour and fight discrimination at the workplace

Supplier Verification

Wyser may ask suppliers to verify their compliance with the above standards by any of the following methods and request corrective action if there is a reason for concern:

  • Third Party Assessments: We may solicit desktop information from a third party, e.g., a data provider, on supplier compliance and performance regarding these standards
  • On Site Audits: We or an authorised third party acting on our behalf may contact suppliers and ask for permission to verify compliance with these standards on site