Customer Journey Optimisation

As customer expectations continue to change, businesses and organisations are tasked with adapting to and fulfilling those expectations by analysing and fully optimising their customer journey.

Customer Journey Optimisation (CJO) is all about bridging and closing that gap between the customer and the business, improving each engagement with the users at every touch point. Unlike Conversion Rate Optimisation, CJO places the customer, not an action, at the centre of a more holistic business strategy. This strategy can be applied through many sectors, regardless of service, as the benefits of putting customer needs first are potentially achievable for any organisation.

What are the possible concerns?

Some organisations might express trepidation about elements of CJO and digital transformation. These could be concerns about the added workload on top of existing projects or new and unfamiliar processes. Others may dwell on their capacity to be optimized; this can be due to their organisation’s size, or the data available for analysis. These are all understandable concerns but they are all remediable with the right approach.

A Wyser way to optimise?

At Wyser, our approach to User Centred Design and flexible service development is focused on adding value, not occupying bandwidth. The Wyser approach seeks to ameliorate the concerns about CJO. For example, we examine the obstacles to effective data analysis like; unclean data, unidentifiable problems, and unclear current processes. After a detailed business analysis, many of these concerns are addressable. Through data cleansing, the analysis of customer needs and business capability provides an ideal starting point for customer journey improvement.

The Wyser approach identifies the potential for increased efficiency and goes further to identify new levels of user experience. We lead the re-orchestration of a journey roadmap that remains engaging and rewarding while continually monitoring success. Root cause analysis happens best during prime customer operating hours and is, therefore, vital to ensuring the journey’s success and improvement on its potential issues.

The price of providing excellent customer care is rising rapidly. This is due, in part, to customer demands for inquiries, claims, and disputes to be managed with greater efficiency and sophistication. Our team of experts can assist you in providing the kind of service consistency that will fully optimize the customer journey and experience.

Why is Customer Journey Optimisation good for your business?

Understanding all of the client’s activities with your business is essential. Creating, monitoring, and improving those touchpoints between your users and your platform is all in service of higher engagement and greater service consistency for your organisation. A robust data strategy that serves a well-cultivated relationship will yield loyal customers; those willing to advocate for your services and kickstart future customer journeys. Outside of the clear benefits that come with a satisfied customer base, the benefits that will manifest within your organisation are equally valuable.

Efficient touchpoints work both ways. With the implementation of appropriate solutions - like AI and Robotic Process Automation - time and resources for talent are freed, allowing them to engage in value-add tasks. The internal training and upskilling of staff ensure that the added benefits to CJO are not lost once Wyser has delivered the project. You’ll often find that consistently engaging with and fulfilling customer needs often aligns with the ongoing fulfilment of business needs.

If you would like to know more about Customer Journey Optimisation and how we can solve these challenges for you then please get in touch.