Diversity, innovation and our values

It may seem obvious, but diversity is … well … diverse

We specialise in digital transformation, customer journey optimisation, automation and artificial intelligence which means that we have worked on a wide variety of tenders across many different industries and sectors. We've noticed that it is becoming increasingly common that we find tender requests containing questions about our diversity and inclusion as an organisation. 

We welcome this, and as a very small (but fast-growing) IT organisation, we know that we want to buck the trend of the ‘pale, male, stale’ stereotype for our industry and build a community of richly diverse people whose differences bring a wealth of ideas, experiences, and viewpoints to what we do and what we want to do in the future.

We are diverse in our innovation

Innovation comes from the willingness to stand out and to do things differently; that requires us to look at things in new ways. In our day-to-day approach, whether we're exploring artificial intelligence or digital transformation, we cannot innovate if we simply copy what other people are doing. With the concept of innovation in mind, we also make a conscious effort to avoid recruiting “in our own mould”. Here are some of the ways in which we're doing this: 

  • We have actively sought to bring in people with skills and experiences that will challenge us to think and act differently as individuals and as an organisation.
  • We are already working hard to bring in people who will enrich our understanding of the world and challenge us to do and be better.
  • We know that we can embrace differences and new perspectives. We look for people who think outside the box. That's where we operate best.

We all work with the same values

Where we do not have diversity though, it is in our values. Here we ensure that we are all aligned and that we recruit individuals who support those values and will live them. Both our culture and our social values are hugely important to us and it's our goal to recruit people who feel as passionately as we do about doing things differently in our industry.   

If you are interested in “Working the Wyser Way” please get in touch.