Understanding AI bias: Your essential guide to a fairer AI landscape

In the fast-paced world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption, hidden dangers often go unnoticed. Our launch webinar, held in December 2023, aims to demystify AI bias, a topic that is of critical interest to anyone working in an organisation considering investing in AI.

We shared practical insights and a real-life success story from Wyser to help make AI more equitable and accountable.

In this webinar we shared:

1. What is AI bias, and what causes it.

2. The risks of AI bias.

3. The types of AI bias.

4. Wyser's work in reducing bias in Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) systems.

5. Considerations when using off-the-shelf AI products.

Click the button below to watch a recording of the webinar and gain an understanding of AI bias and the actions that you can take to mitigate it. Our aim is to empower you to actively contribute to making AI more equitable and accountable within your organisation.