Social value

We fully recognise that our commercial actions will influence and affect the lives of people in different ways.

What we believe

We believe that social value is created when we bring together the social, environmental, and economic benefits of an activity and that is why social value is intrinsic to everything we do as we continue to build a sustainable business, delivering commercial returns to the wider economy. Our commitment to social value is realised through our clearly defined economic, environmental, and social objectives.

KPI Monitoring | Review | A Refined Strategy
KPI Monitoring | Review | A Refined Strategy

Our economic objectives

Our decision-making for investment and other similar matters will be informed by our economic objectives. We will:

  • Deliver sustainable profits to continue supporting our social value agenda

  • Support the local economy

  • Continue to grow, enabling new jobs

Waste Reduction & compliance | Ethical Sourcing

Our environmental objectives

Key to our operations is our environmental objectives, which helps us to minimise our environmental impact. We will:

  • Protect and improve the environment, using resources efficiently and mitigating the impact on our carbon footprint

  • Ensure ethical procurement practices and conduct supply chain mapping where relevant

  • Remain committed to home-working as the norm, both amongst our employees and within our supply chain

Waste Reduction & compliance | Ethical Sourcing
Wyser Social value
Job Creation | Corporate Volunteering | Staff Wellbeing

Our social objectives

We recognise the significant impact that we can make on a social scale on both our staff and in our community. We will:

  • Create new jobs and apprenticeships as well as enable opportunities for disadvantaged individuals

  • Endeavour to support staff through a meaningful wellbeing strategy

  • Improve our local community with a robust corporate social governance strategy that supports local charities and public interest groups

  • Deliver inclusive technology-enabled solutions, creating platforms that are accessible to everyone.

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