Innovative solutions for a changing world

Do you get lots of free form text enquiries or long customer handling calls that currently only human operators can manage?

Now you can use our technology instead.

Great end user experiences and high returns for our clients

Imagine if you could reduce the cost of cases which draw heavily on your organisation’s cash flow.

Wyser is an AI-enabled case-focussed technology solution, that enables you to assess cases effectively, process them efficiently, route them through your organisation and deliver the optimum customer experience.

Our typical value add is

9x RoI

(Return on Investment)

How does Wyser deliver this?

Our suite of AI led services for complex customer cases can:

Process data from customer cases more efficiently and accurately

Optimise your case management process by collecting the right data through improved customer conversations and increase the chances of a positive end user outcome.

Improve case management cost efficiency

Reduce the time and resources needed to assess a customer enquiry/case and optimise your organisational processes so that you can manage a greater volume of customer enquiries.

Enable a customer centric design

Provide an improved experience for all customers including those who have accessibility requirements, with brand enhancing customer service.

Automate repetitive tasks

Free up employees’ time and reduce case management backlog by using the power of automation.

Who uses our solutions and why

Benefits of working with Wyser

Assess commercial viability of cases with Wyser AI

User centred design and build

Understanding the customer and their needs is critical to the success of any customer enquiry/case management system. At Wyser we take a full user centred design approach, where we understand the context of the service through various methods of research, specify user requirements including accessibility needs to calibrate our solution. Our approach delivers market leading customer service and optimises our clients downstream investments in their existing human capital and technology.

Built-in regulatory and legislative compliance

Wyser is an AI-enabled, customer onboarding solution that bolts onto your existing CRM, case management and dispute resolution system. Incoming enquiries/cases are evaluated/assessed and routed within your organisation for more effective and efficient resolution. Wyser are experts at data gathering, handling and resultant process engineering within regulated and/or strict legislative markets.
Automated allocation of case files with Wyser AI
Access more revenue opportunities with Wyser AI

Delivering step changes in performance and knowledge transfer throughout the organisation

Effective project management and knowledge transfer are the keys to our success. We work closely with client teams to understand the drivers for change, set objectives, execute carefully crafted stakeholder plans, and monitor key performance indicators to assess progress. Throughout the project lifecycle we continuously transfer knowledge to client teams so that they can take ownership of the new system(s) once calibrated and integrated.

Our promise

At Wyser, we focus on providing our clients with an enhanced customer case management experience. We promise to provide you with an exceptional service that improves operational performance and a level of support that enhances your ability to deliver award winning customer service.

No need to replace your existing systems

White label, customise and configure the service so it integrates with your existing systems such as CMS, CRM, PMS and ODRS.

Elevate your human and technology resources

Wyser will enhance the resources involved in customer enquiry/case management.

Maximise efficiencies in customer case management

Improve processes and deliver more effective outcomes.


What is Wyser?

Wyser is an AI-enabled, intelligent interface that captures case details through customer conversations.

How does Wyser work?

You can automate the assessment of inbound complex customer enquiries and route cases to a suitable resource and/or end destination. The product is fully customisable and white labelled so that it can incorporate your firm’s branding.

Will Wyser connect with other systems?

Yes, the product is fully configurable with all Customer Management (CMS), Practice Management (PMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) systems.