AI-Enabled Legal Case Technology Solution

Does your organisation miss out on revenue opportunities due to your high costs to serve customers?

Your Legal Case Progression Technology

Imagine if you could reduce the cost of cases which draw heavily on your firm’s cash flow?

Wyser is an AI-enabled legal case technology solution that enables you to process and assess the commercial viability of cases quickly and effectively.

Our typical value add to legal practices and companies is 10x ROI (Return on Investment).

Your firm will benefit from more revenue opportunities that are qualified without wasting valuable fee-earning time.

Our suite of AI products and services enable law firms and ADR providers to:

Process case data accurately

Optimise your caseload process by collecting the right data through customer conversations.

Improve caseload cost efficiency

Reduce the time needed to assess the merit of a case and optimise your fee earners’ time.

Target new revenue streams

Maximise case numbers to increase revenue and profits from previously less viable cases.

Automate repetitive tasks

Free up employees time and reduce case backlog using the power of automation.

Why use Wyser?

Assess commercial viability of cases with Wyser AI

Assess commercial viability of cases

Wyser is an AI-enabled, customer onboarding type of SaaS solution that bolts onto your existing management and dispute resolution systems. Incoming cases are assessed for commercial viability and the probability of success. The cases are then summarised with essential information, added to your CMS, CRM, PMS or ODRS and allocated accordingly.

Automated allocation of case files

Each case file contains relevant third-party information, including background checks and financial data. The case can be allocated to a fee earner, employee or another end destination, such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. The AI-generated, ready to review case files save your fee earners time and money to focus on higher value cases.

Automated allocation of case files with Wyser AI
Access more revenue opportunities with Wyser AI

Access more revenue opportunities

For many legal firms and providers, the customer onboarding process and case initiation is often inefficient, labour intensive and expensive. Revenue opportunities can be lost due to high costs, commercially unviable cases or inaccuracies. Wyser’s instant assessment of cases helps you streamline your customer intake process and reduce the risk of liquidity.

Our promise

At Wyser, we focus our efforts into providing our clients with an enhanced customer onboarding experience, case triage and process automation tools. Our aim is to provide you with an exceptional product and level of support to improve your firm’s profitability.

No need to replace your existing case systems

White label, customise and configure to your existing CMS, CRM, PMS and ODRS.

Elevate your human and technology resources

Wyser will optimise your investments into customer onboarding and case intake.

Maximise and instantly qualify incoming cases

Increase your revenue opportunities with viable fee-earning activities.


What is Wyser?

Wyser is an AI-enabled, intelligent interface that captures case details through customer conversations.

How does Wyser work?

You can automate your legal practice’s case intake, assessment, and routing of cases to a suitable resource and/or end destination. The product is fully customisable and will be white labelled to incorporate your firm’s branding.

Will Wyser connect with other systems?

Yes, the product is fully configurable with all Customer Management (CMS), Practice Management (PMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODRS) systems.