The Wyser way for law firms and ADR providers to collect case data and automate processes

With Wyser’s suite of AI products and complementary
services law firms and ADR providers can:

  • collect right-first-time data to optimise process efficiency and reduce costs
  • lower the cost to serve consumers
  • target new revenue streams 
  • reduce case backlogs with the same headcount
  • automate repetitive tasks to free up employee time

Streamline business processes and reduce costs


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Automate consumer onboarding and increase revenues

Wyser-R1stT Platform

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Automate repetitive tasks, increase efficiency and reduce costs

Wyser RPA Platform

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Our Promise

At Wyser, we put all our efforts into providing clients with the best customer intake, case triage and process automation tools.



Compliant with Legislation

Proven Results

We listen to your challenges, help determine your needs and provide a complete solution that can be executed quickly with our support. 

Take advantage of our FREE AUDIT of your customer intake journey.

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"Justice delayed is justice denied."
– William Gladstone
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