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Trusted by UK government, ombudsman and the advice sector - backed by over £1m in research grants to support responsible, trustworthy AI development.

A Wyser approach to digital transformation and AI

We’re on a mission to deliver trustworthy and ethical AI. Our ethos is to use AI to support people rather than replace them, and this approach empowers the organisations we work with to do incredible things.

Whether you are seeking to improve processes, reduce mundane administrative tasks or improve customer service, we have a range of products and consultancy services to suit your organisational needs.

Advice and Guidance

We specialise in providing products and consultancy services to the UK advice sector. Our solutions focus on improving productivity and increasing capacity, helping to reduce backlogs in key service areas.

Our team has a wealth of experience across many public, private and third sector organisations and have delivered solutions in a range of advice sector services. This includes citizens advice bureaus, ombudsman, law clinics and housing associations.

Advice sector solutions

Legal and Ombudsmen

We believe that Access to Justice is a fundamental contributing factor to a fair and just society. Increasing demand for services and budget pressures are making it harder for organisations in this space to delivery services in the way they would like.

Wyser solutions can support a more streamlined triage process, allowing more accurate prioritisation, enhanced customer experience via intelligent chatbots, improved staff capacity and improved data quality and system alignment.

Access to Justice solutions

Public Sector

We have a deep understanding of the complexity of digital transformation in the public sector. Factors such as legacy systems the varied needs of multiple stakeholders and the importance of democratic accountability.

Our team at Wyser had extensive experience in delivery solutions to the public sector. We've been appointed to many of the public sector frameworks, including DOS 6 and G-Cloud and our approach is aligned to the Government Digital Services (GDS) framework.

Public sector solutions
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When you buy a product from Wyser, you're not just investing in technology, you're partnering with a team of leading digital transformation experts who will work with you to understand you people, your process and your underlying goals.

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