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Our track record is proven in every sector

We have a proven track record of delivering digital transformation across all sectors, particularly in areas which require complex case management, a high level of regulation or an exacting level of due diligence. Our success is in part due to the unique approach we take with each project. We fully explore your organisation, your processes and the individual needs of your people and end users.

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Our work in the public sector

We have a deep understanding of the complexity of digital transformation in the public sector. Factors such as legacy systems, the varied, conflicting needs of multiple stakeholders, and the importance of democratic accountability are some examples of key considerations when supporting government bodies through change. There’s also a need for extensive knowledge sharing and training to enable the organisation to take full ownership of processes after implementation.

As a public sector consultancy and established experts in digital transformation, customer journey optimisation, artificial intelligence, and automation, we understand it is important to take steps to fully appreciate and understand the cultural and operational factors in any project. Partnering with us means peace of mind that the needs of your employees are being met every step of the way and without any hidden surprises or scope creep.

Our work in highly regulated markets

If you operate in a highly regulated market, you understand process change can be complex as you strive to balance user experience with regulatory requirements. You may have an appreciation of the cost and time benefits that a digital transformation project can deliver, but you’ll be equally cautious of the complexity of the change and the risks involved if a project is not managed effectively.

Our methodology is founded on the GDS Framework and centres on understanding the needs of all users and how that is influenced by the regulatory environment they work in. With that understanding, we help our clients navigate change so that the transformation is successfully delivered.

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Our work with complex cases & communications

You have probably found that as the number of complex cases increases in your organisation, so does the amount of time needed to deal with each. This can lead to resource limitations which in turn creates a backlog. Furthermore, in business environments which operate with regulations, codes of best practice and compliance policies, difficult-to-manage cases and processing delays present greater risk.

Our team will use their technological expertise to support you in achieving significant efficiencies and reducing response times. A good example of this is if you receive inbound data in free-form text. In this scenario, our AI can be implemented to make sense of that data. It can improve how cases are assessed and how they are then routed through the organisation. The result is an optimised customer journey and improved customer experience.

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