Business Snapshot: The Health & Social Care Alliance Scotland (The ALLIANCE)

The Health & Social Care Alliance Scotland (The ALLIANCE) is the national third sector intermediary for health and social care, bringing together a diverse range of people and organisations who aim to improve the wellbeing of people and communities across Scotland.

Founded in 2006, The ALLIANCE is a strategic partner of the Scottish Government and has close working relationships with NHS Boards, academic institutions and key organisations spanning health, social care, housing, and digital technology.

The ALLIANCE has a strong and diverse membership of over 3,300 organisations and individuals.

“In a short timeframe the Business Snapshot helped us clarify the key issues facing ALISS and identified the immediate next steps required to take the programme to the next level.”

Chris Mackie, Digital Assistant Director, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland

Wyser provided The ALLIANCE with a Business Snapshot consultation focusing on ALISS - A Local Information System for Scotland, an externally facing health and wellbeing services directory crowdsourced from individuals and organisations across Scotland.


  • ALISS allows the general public in Scotland to find local services to support their wellbeing needs.
  • Funded by the Scottish Government, the directory holds data on services throughout Scotland.
  • A 2021 strategy for ALISS aims to deliver key objectives, including better user experience.
  • It is vital to enhace user experience and public awareness of ALISS to increase signposting to services.
  • The Business Snapshot focused on user experience, accessibility and potential for AI/emerging tech solutions
  • Identifying wider recommendations to support the future direction of ALISS also a key focus

The Snapshot

Wyser used the POLDAT model for a holistic understanding of the problem, gaining insights into the Process, Organisation, Location, Data, Application, and Technology related to ALISS.

A broader context around ALISS emerged from the Business Snapshot, influenced by external factors around Scottish Government initiatives & funding, as well as ongoing user experience & accessibility enhancements delivering via an internal project.

Key insights were identified across the POLDAT model to develop recommendation areas.

The recommendations formed a roadmap for The ALLIANCE to support the future direction of the ALISS platform.

The Path to Transformation

Wyser's detailed report to senior stakeholders outlined key insights and recommendations to support the future direction of ALISS.

  • Develop a product roadmap to support The ALLIANCE and ALISS strategies over a three-year period, and serve as a crucial communication tool with the Scottish Government.
  • Enhance ALISS analytics to align measures and targets with strategic objectives.
  • Define scope and requirements to explore AI/emerging tech solutions for personalised search functionality.

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