Housing Association

The management team at this large housing association wanted one way of working, a single technology platform, and a robust data strategy.

This housing association, the largest in Wales, provides homes, lending, specialist accommodation for students, plus care and support with a total stock of over 17,000 properties. Through several mergers, they had inherited many ways of working, numerous legacy systems and an inconsistent data strategy. The management team wanted one way of working, a single technology platform, and a robust data strategy.

We took the time to understand their operations and our proposed solution included a company-wide digital transformation as well as incremental change around five modules. These were:

  1. Foundations
  2. Tenancy Management
  3. Repairs & Portals
  4. Finance Engine
  5. Human Resources

We helped them source a CRM system that met the company’s needs, they chose Dynamics 365. The management team at the organisation wanted to be a Microsoft-first organisation, using systems that promote ‘configuration over code’ so they were not reliant on third parties for any development. 

Taking a process design approach to the five modules, we broke each down into their component parts. We then refined each component and developed each service around Dynamics 365. We also executed a data strategy that extracted, cleansed and transformed data from legacy systems and housed it in a data warehouse, ready to use in Dynamics 365.


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