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Laszlo is Wyser’s AI driven advice software as a service, developed to help you help others without disruption.

  • For organisations that use Laszlo, it creates a 10-25% increase in capacity to handle your customers’ needs.
  • Over a three-year period, Laszlo will deliver a 200% return on your investment.
  • Laszlo works by listening, with appropriate consents, to conversations between advisers and their clients.
  • Laszlo creates an accurate transcription of the dialogue, handling differences in regional accents with ease and accuracy.
  • Laszlo assesses what has been said, summarises the key points of the conversation and categorises the information in line with your operational policies.
  • Laszlo works seamlessly with your existing CRM system and inputs all the information it has gleaned directly to where it is needed most by your organisation.
  • Using Laszlo in this way allows your advisers to save valuable time and create better foundational data, including management information and analysis.
  • The more you use Laszlo in your organisation, the better Laszlo is at providing insights and emergent trends across your organisation.
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Our products, combined with our unique approach, delivers up to 200% ROI for our customers

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