Empowering service users: Experience conversational guidance with Wyser INFORM's next generation chatbot.

Wyser INFORM is our cutting-edge, AI-driven conversational agent, or Artificial Intelligence chatbot. Created to empower service users, it is capable of providing natural, personalised assistance, streamlining operations, and enhancing customer engagement.

Why businesses are choosing Wyser INFORM

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Our team will work closely with you to understand the interactions you’re looking to manage and ensure the model we select is relevant to your industry and your organisation.

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We have a continuous focus on collecting and refining data. We provide a train, test, learn and adapt approach to our model development, ensuring your solution remains as reliable and accurate as possible.

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Unlike conventional chatbots, Wyser INFORM uses Artificial Intelligence to drive responses. Most traditional chatbots are limited by rules-based programming and do not offer an informed, natural response based on a full knowledge database.

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Created to be usable across a range of sectors, Wyser INFORM facilitates seamless interactive experiences. As a two-way conversational chatbot, it enables your customers to engage in natural language conversations just as they would with a human advisor. 

While traditional chatbots have a reputation for being clunky and frustrating, we train Wyser INFORM on distinct data sets designed to solve specific problems, ensuring that the user is engaged in a natural and relevant conversation. Ultimately leading to the most appropriate support being offered in the shortest and most stress-free way.

How intelligent use of AI and NLP improves the chatbot experience

Carefully developed in-house by our data science team, Wyser INFORM has been made possible through the implementation of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies. The Wyser INFORM chatbot also uses an iterative process to clarify what users need and suggest solutions.

This means that your customers have instant access to a faster and more efficient, human-like advisor. Wyser INFORM will use trusted data sources, delivering accurate and informed responses at any time of the day or night. The result is high-quality assistance tailored specifically to your user’s unique query.

Our Wyser INFORM chatbot offers effective Human-AI Collaboration across a range of industries

The beauty of the Wyser INFORM chatbot for customer service is that it is not created for, and so not limited to, one organisation or sector. It is a technology that can adapt easily across various sectors. This could include a variety of advice services, including ombudsmen, citizens advice bureaux, law clinics and other social care services, also, financial advice and charities.

It has been designed to be a collaborative tool. The Wyser INFORM chatbot can be trained to gather all the information needed to prepare cases for human advisors as and when needed. The result is a much more efficient use of employee time. Not only are they enabled to focus their expertise where needed, but the efficiency of the process combined with a reduction in tedious administrative tasks, means reduced frustrations.

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Ensuring private data sources remain private

We understand the importance of data security and privacy. With this in mind, with the Wyser INFORM chatbot, you have the ability to access and train the model using different types of data, this could be public domain data or private data for example from a proprietary database or CRM system. With private data, additional data security and authentication measures could be applied. This ensures that sensitive information such as patient data, intellectual property, client information or sensitive financial data remains confidential and protected.

Agile Transformation

Would you like to know more about the benefits of conversational chatbots?

When you choose Wyser INFORM, you’re not just investing in a chatbot, you’re partnering
with a team of leading digital transformation experts who will work with you to
understand your underlying goals and support your organisation to maximise this
transformative technology.

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Wyser INFORM works alongside:

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Using generative AI, Wyser ASSIST will efficiently process both spoken word and text, rapidly summarising content and extracting key data.

Wyser ASSIST can be implemented quickly to improve data processing, allowing personnel to focus on more value-add services

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Wyser INSIGHT learns from your customer data, guaranteeing consistent case categorisation.

With Wyser INSIGHT, you can optimise your workflow, reduce manual errors, and elevate the accuracy of your reporting processes.

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Wyser AI

We take a people-centred approach throughout our AI consulting process, taking the time to understand your business, your stakeholders and your culture.

Our approach empowers the organisations we work with to do incredible things.

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