New Acas partnership for Wyser in collaboration with Opencast


“We are delighted with this partnership with Acas, it’s great news for everyone at Wyser and our colleagues at Opencast. We simplify the complexities of customer case management through front-end technological innovation, which drives efficiencies in the wider organisation resulting in improved end-customer experience. We look forward to delivering an exceptional outcome for Acas. This shows that we are ready to provide similar transformational services to other organisations and sectors - like legal, insurance, motor and the public sector- that also need to simplify the complexities of their customer case journeys to create efficiencies.”

Wyser chief executive, Mark Pearce

Case progression technology provider Wyser in collaboration with independent technology consultancy Opencast, have been chosen as partner to help the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) to effectively allocate cases to its conciliators, reducing manual intervention and thereby improving the end use experience of the service.

Acas confirmed Wyser/Opencast’s winning bid this month who will provide them with a multidisciplinary team to assist with Discovery, Alpha and Beta phases.

The contract – on the Digital Outcomes & Specialists (DOS5) framework – will see Wyser/Opencast working with Acas to determine the most efficient way to distribute work, reduce manual administration within the allocation process and ensure speedy connection with the most appropriate person or team to progress a case, including:

1. Optimising/automating the current processes.

2. Identifying the most efficient and effective allocation criteria to gain the best outcomes from the conciliation period available.

The new partnership is a significant step forward for the Wyser/Opencast collaboration. Chief executive of Wyser Mark Pearce said “I’m delighted for the team; this is a really big win for us as it validates our strategy as an organisation and our focus on simplifying the complexities of customer case management through the smart application of technology. I’m really pleased that Acas can see the strength in our collaboration with Opencast and I’m looking forward to Wyser/Opencast delivering a fantastic outcome for them.”

Chief executive of Opencast Tom Lawson said “This new project is excellent news for Opencast and Wyser. We hope it will help people and organisations to settle workplace disputes more efficiently and effectively. We’re delighted to be working with Wyser, specialists in this area, so broadening our own capability.”

In its bid Wyser/Opencast demonstrated its strengths and ability to deliver a transformation of this nature successfully. Wyser’s experience helping Ombudsmen improve their triage of enquiries, assessment of cases and the allocation of cases to experts, using a variety of different technologies including Artificial Intelligence, combined with Opencast’s significant achievements in delivering high-quality digital services for the likes of HMRC, DWP and the NHS, created a solution which gave confidence to Acas that together they understood both the internal and external customer dynamics as well as being able to create the right technological platform.

Mark explained the importance of the collaboration with Opencast “We’re delighted to be working with Opencast, they are a group of professionals that deliver transformational digital experiences. Collaborating with Opencast means we have the strength in depth to help big organisations like Acas and other large dispute resolution providers.”

Tom added “We can see Wyser’s passion to simplify the complexities of customer case management for organisations like Acas and their customers. That matches our own passion to do the right thing and make a difference.”


Wyser is a growing team of specialists with a focus on the efficient onboarding of customers so that downstream processes work more effectively. Wyser works with government bodies/the public sector, legal professional services providers and corporations that deal with large volumes of complex enquiries which have a high cost to serve. Wyser specialises in using technologies to streamline processes at the front end to create economies of scale in downstream processes. 

Wyser knows that:

  • Having robust systems that can process high-volume enquiries correctly and efficiently, within
    budget, is critical to the reputation of its clients.
  • Ensuring potential claimants provide the correct and full information at the start saves time and
    resources for both the organisation and the claimant.
  • Assisted enquiry assessment using AI enables enquiry handling teams to support more potential
    claimants with greater accuracy.
  • Enquires are routed more efficiently to the correct expert(s) within the organisation using Wyser

Wyser was founded in June 2020 by Mark Pearce and Jason Wheatley. Headquartered in Swansea with staff in multiple locations including Leicester, London, and Nottingham.

Wyser clients include: 

Government bodies and the public sector
Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas)

Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman
The Motor Ombudsman

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