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Jason Wheatley

COO and Client Director of Transformation

An experienced Chief Operating Officer, accountable for the delivery of our projects across the project management triangle of time/cost/quality and responsible for ensuring our clients are delighted with our service.


  • Online dispute resolution – The creation of enterprise software that helps governments, civil courts, tribunals, ombudsman, law firms, payments platforms and eCommerce marketplaces manage disputes. This is advanced case management software that covers data capture, case evaluation, negotiation, mediation, and adjudication/arbitration.

  • Open data - Using innovative sources of data to support consumers, e.g., Open Banking for home rental referencing.

  • Artificial intelligence - Specialist in using machine learning and natural language processing to facilitate and deliver successful business outcomes.

  • Delivered a 2-year programme for an innovative open banking AI product, performing millions of transactions every day for the consumer market.

My Promise
“To ensure our operational and technical teams deliver the agreed outcomes in accordance with project plans.”