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Mark Pearce

Founder and CEO

An experienced Director, who has led innovation teams, set up new business units and increased the enterprise value of many organisations. This involved the creation of strategic plans, user research, proposition development, product shaping, roadmap planning, design/data prototyping and delivery. He has led teams of strategists, user researchers, designers, developers, and AI specialists (scientists, engineers, architects, and ethicists). He has also commercialised these services through partnerships, strategic business development and direct/indirect sales.


  • Online dispute resolution – The creation of enterprise software that helps governments, civil courts, tribunals, ombudsman, law firms, payments platforms and eCommerce marketplaces manage disputes.
  • Credit markets – The creation of innovative solutions in the consumer credit market (e.g., Open Banking use cases) for both commercial organisations and social enterprises.
  • Artificial intelligence – How AI can be used to facilitate and support decision-making within professional services. Led a two-year programme for an innovative open banking AI product, performing millions of transactions every day to the consumer market.
My Promise
“To ensure Wyser deliver our promises to our clients with honesty and transparency.”