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Anthony Dixon

Chief Data Scientist

A highly motivated and results-driven Chief Data Scientist with extensive experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP), particularly in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) models and AI summarisation. Proficient in deploying advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to bring AI solutions into production, enhancing customer self-service through conversational AI. Adept at conducting detailed analysis and leveraging insights to inform decisions and drive business growth. Strong leadership skills with a proven ability to communicate findings and insights effectively to stakeholders.


  • Natural Language Processing - Expert in developing and implementing state-of-the-art language models for ASR and AI summarisation to classify and summarise diverse client data.
  • Data Science - Skilled in data analysis, including forecasting and statistical analysis, to derive actionable insights from client data.
  • Leadership – Proven track record of leading specialist teams in demanding environments to achieve challenging targets and deliver impactful AI solutions.
My Promise
“Data is the foundation of progress, and as a Data Scientist, I strive to turn client data into actionable insights to drive growth and impact.”