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Neil Moffat

CTO and Client Software and AI Director

An expert in software architecture and AI delivery. Neil has led and delivered solutions for blue chip companies from various industry sectors, including financial services, insurance, UK Government and the public sector. Neil has managed and worked within multiple start-ups during many mergers and acquisition programmes, often scaling them from single-digit to triple-digit teams. He is an expert software developer and manager with deep knowledge of software development, data manipulation, data science and DevOps, including but not limited to, .NET, C#, Python, MS-Azure, Amazon-AWS: EC2/Lambda, Redis, Okta, GitHub.


  • Enterprise software - The creation of innovative enterprise software solutions in the public sector, dispute resolution and consumer credit market.
  • Artificial intelligence - Developed AI capabilities to assist dispute resolution, affordability assessments and provide guidance to users, technical lead on a 2-year programme for an innovative Open Banking AI product, performing millions of transactions every day to the consumer market.
  • Data analysis - Delivered high-volume, low-tenancy, insurance data used by most of the top high-street brands.
  • Digital identity - Created new digital identity products that use intelligent questioning based on consumer credit and government data.
My Promise
“To ensure our software development and implementation is at the highest possible standard within the budget agreed.”