Just look at that view

Wyser view

When COVID hit, most of us had never experienced anything like it before. Having our movements restricted and needing to adapt to doing our jobs from home was a big change and an inconvenience to people like me who had their routine nicely set and a wardrobe full of "office" clothes. I had to adapt, and adapt, I did.

Yes, I too went through the, "being permanently logged on and available" stage and the, "working more hours than was healthy" stage, and the "getting distracted by the housework" stage; but I then learned to develop healthy barriers; close the laptop, move away from my workspace, protect my work time, be disciplined and soon adapted to my new lifestyle.

Some of us adapted so well that we never wanted to return to our old ways of working. Life was better this way.

At Wyser, we embraced this new way of working. We don’t have any corporate offices and the costly overheads that they incur. This doesn’t mean we never see each other; we co-locate at least once every few weeks. And we look forward to it, we cover some exciting topics and we go to dinner together.

We are a thoroughly modern company who equip our employees to do their job from home.

Of course, this brings additional benefits, I moved house and fulfilled a dream that was put to one side until retirement. I moved to the South-West to be near the sea and to give my golden retriever, Stevie, a better life.

I have Wyser to thank for that and I’m so grateful!

If you’re interested in working with a modern, flexible company, please do get in touch with any one of us.