How do you choose a conversational interface provider?

There are many conversational interface/chatbot software providers in existence, and as with any other type of software, each has its strengths and weaknesses. Here is some guidance on selecting a software provider and implementing your AI-powered chatbot:

  • Overall ‘look and feel’ – Use and engage with the software yourself to get an idea of how it will portray your firm to potential clients. Do you want something more formal or something more informal that will provide basic answers but refer complex cases to a human for a follow-up?
  • Cross-platform application – Do you want to use the software on more than just your website? Some companies offer the ability to integrate with Messenger/WhatsApp and other forms of message platforms, so examine this when choosing your chatbot software.
  • Self-serve or outsource to a third party – Do you want to access a front end to manage/evolve the chatbot yourself or do you want to outsource the set-up and evolution of the chatbot to a third party? Either way, ensure you're able to clearly define your need and accurately assess your organisation's technical ability in this area prior to engaging with providers.
  • Seamless chatbot to human transfer when needed – There will always be some cases when a chatbot simply cannot drive a query to its conclusion, so organisations need to ensure that there is always a human that can take over the conversation when becomes necessary. Transferring the conversation to a human should be as seamless as possible, without reducing user experience.
  • Job fears – There could be a fear in many employees that AI and chatbots may pose a threat to their jobs. Employees should be made aware and assured that artificial intelligence such as a bot has the capability to relieve them of their repetitive work and allow them to be more productive.

Chatbots are evolving just as quickly as other areas of legal/dispute resolution technology. The key to increasing profitability doesn't solely lie in trying and then adopting these new technologies, but also in improving internal processes/ behaviour to ensure the broadest application of its functionality.

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