Our clients say...

He is a commercial force of nature. One of those guys who can cut through smoke and point out the crucial aspects of : or indeed omissions from, your proposition - but better than this - he's skilled enough and cares enough to help fix them. I'd have him on my team in a heartbeat and hope at some stage that I do.

I think highly of him; He’s tenacious, performs well in challenging environments and knows how to commercialise data. He implements good processes but can be practical and creative when he needs to be. He’s excellent at presenting to investors and senior management teams and he’s capable of managing complex projects and sales pipelines.

I’d highly recommend him. He’s diligent, organised, articulate and able to lead high profile projects. He’s well connected within the data market space, has a professional attitude and he’s excellent at presenting to investors and the board. If we had another data business development opportunity that needed exploring I would not hesitate to contact him.

He is an excellent programme manager, one of the best I've worked with. He is a master of his craft who combines excellent project management and technical skills with a sharp delivery focus that makes things happen. Add to this his sense of personal ownership and team spirit and he is an asset to any team.

The project had been besieged with configuration issues, yet his perseverance; product knowledge and dedication, carried the project over the line. He was fundamental in directing our off-shore support partners and improving their support capabilities as well as managing the number of Technical Service Managers across all the various platforms.

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