Wyser Right-First-Time Platform


Transform customer intake and case triage with

Wyser-R1stT Platform

Who is it for?

Law firms

In a COVID-19 environment where there is a growing need for dispute resolution and litigation, law firms are struggling to make lower value, larger volume cases economically viable. The solution is an automated customer intake and triage service that lowers the cost to serve customers, enabling law firms to collect ‘right-first-time’ data, optimise process efficiency, reduce costs and target new revenue streams.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Providers (ADR)

COVID-19 has amplified both the uncertainty and potential complexity of the casework for ADR providers. With significant backlogs already there is increasing pressure to become even more efficient. The Chartered Trading Standards Institute requires that a decision or recommendation must be provided within 90 days. The solution is an automated customer intake and triage service that lowers the cost to serve customers, enabling ADR providers to collect ‘right-first-time’ data, optimise process efficiency and reduce backlogs without having to increase head count.

Wyser-R1stT Platform includes

A beautiful front end and user journey

White labelled, ready for branding and following a user centred Information Architecture so that customers can easily engage with the law firm / ADR provider.

A smart, AI supported, dynamic case creation journey

Captures all the relevant information from the parties (case initiator and respondents) at the first time of asking. It includes:

  • Use of Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create the optimal question set for each case type and jurisdiction
  • An ML driven Q&A interface to guide the case initiator / respondents through the case creation journey.
  • Augmentation of those journeys with in-house or 3rd party data if required
  • Use of NLP and computational linguistics, to processes free form text automatically by turning it into normalised quantitative data that can be analysed by statistical tools.

Automated AI driven case analysis

That can look at each case to search for any legal precedents, determine the best route for each case (e.g., is a party vulnerable) and provide valuable insights to the law firm or ADR provider.

Automated shuttle diplomacy / mediation

An AI enabled Q&A interface which helps two parties to negotiate their dispute.

Complements existing case management platforms

With the Wyser R1stT platform there is no need for a business wide transformation project that causes significant disruption and a period of upheaval for the business. We focus on the area that is the most problematic, i.e. the collection of customer data, with a platform that can be configured to seamlessly integrate with a law firm’s / ADR provider’s current systems through our standard APIs.

Build a great customer experience and trust with

Wyser-R1stT​ Platform

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