What Drives Us

At Wyser our vision is to build a company that simplifies how justice can be accessed by making those organisations that manage disputes more efficient. We do this through the use of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. We have decades of experience building services for blue-chip organisations that we have condensed into the Wyser-R1stT and Wyser-RPA platforms. We focus on two areas:

Transforming customer intake and case triage for law firms and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) providers

Law firms – In a COVID-19 environment where there is a growing need for dispute resolution and litigation, law firms are struggling to make lower value, larger volume cases economically viable. Law firms anticipate tens of thousands of C-19 related cases and require a service, which lowers the cost to serve customers, and opens a new revenue stream. The Wyser-R1stT platform lowers the cost to serve thereby opening new revenue streams for law firms.

Law firms – Before looking at a case, law firms often require AML, credit and business conflict checks, which can cost hundreds of pounds per customer. If a law firm could assess the merits of a case anonymously before they take it on, they could avoid unnecessary expense and optimise the use of expensive resources. The Wyser R1stT platform assess cases anonymously helping law firms avoid unnecessary costs and also optimises the use of expensive resources; contact us to find out more.

ADR Providers – Across the board are under-resourced and have significant backlogs. Hours are wasted capturing customer and case data which is not gathered at the first time of asking. This means cases are not routed or prioritised correctly leading to even bigger backlogs and a poor customer experience. The Wyser R1stT platform captures “right-first-time” data ensuring cases are routed and prioritised correctly; contact us to find out more.

Transforming repetitive processes with Robotic Process Automation

Law firms – Require greater process automation as 1,000s of costly hours are lost through repetitive tasks.  As well as distracting employees from performing the parts of their day jobs that add value for their customers, repetitive tasks are executed inefficiently and are often prone to errors.  The Wyser Robotic Process Automation platform can be implemented quickly helping law firms save 1,000s of hours of lost productivity and unnecessary cost; contact us to find out more.

ADR Providers – Face similar challenges to law firms as 1,000s of costly hours are lost due to an abundance of repetitive low value admin tasks such as manual searching, cutting and pasting, manually analysing large volumes of data and repetitive data entry.  The Wyser Robotic Process Automation platform can be implemented quickly helping ADR providers save 1,000s of hours of lost productivity and unnecessary cost; contact us to find out more.

Our Team

Mark Pearce

CEO & Founder
Mark is responsible for the growth of the business, as we continue to develop new opportunities with partners across the UK and internationally. Previously, Mark set up new business units and led innovation programmes at both blue chip, FinTech and LawTech organisations.

“COVID-19 has had a detrimental impact on the functioning of the UK justice system, our economy and society at large. The backlog of existing cases and the considerable volume of pending cases, coupled with the inevitable deluge of coronavirus related litigation threatens to have a long and lasting effect on the UK justice system and our economic growth. Our innovative technology applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a new way to reduce the backlog of disputes, shortening the time it takes to collect the right data, optimising process efficiency and transforming customer engagement.” – Mark Pearce, CEO and Founder

Jason Wheatley

COO & Founder
Jason is responsible for the smooth running of the business, making sure all deliverables are met on time and within budget. Jason has led £10m+ global transformation programmes at blue chip and LawTech/FinTech organisations.

“Rather than gathering data from multiple disparate sources and often having to go back to a source to get more clarity, we take a ‘right-first-time, integrate once, extract to anywhere’ approach for our clients. This reduces their maintenance overhead of gathering data and ensures that quality exists further up the client’s data stream.” – Jason Wheatley, COO and Founder

Our Promise

At Wyser, we put all our efforts into providing customers with the best customer intake, case triage and process automation tools.

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